Remote Viewing

Every once in a while, we need to help you when we're not able to be onsite. Please download our TeamViewer remote viewer.

Advanced Monitoring

For those clients on monthly service with us, we provide a complete monitoring solution via GFI Max.

Merchant Services

Merchant services is where Auxilia began its journey in the tech industry. Since then we've continued to help businesses get the much needed help with all of their credit card processing needs. If you'd like to join, simply click here to fill out our application.

DVR Viewing

For those clients that need help viewing their DVR and camera systems, a DVR viewing software is available for both Mac (SmartPSS-Mac) and PC (SmartPSS-Windows). Also, if you have downloaded recordings and need to view them, the video viewing software is also available for both Mac (Smart-Player-Mac) and PC (Smart-Player-Windows).

If you need detailed instructions on how to setup and use this software, please click here for instructions, or you can call Auxilia at 321-348-7767 ext. 1 to talk with a tech who can provide over the phone instruction.

DVR Viewing

SmartPSS-Mac   |   SmartPSS-Windows

Video Viewing

Smart-Player-Mac   |   Smart-Player-Windows