orlando website design

Don’t settle for generic – our professional website building team can create a website that is a unique as your business.

Why does Auxilia implement custom WordPress website design?

There are multiple website design firms in Orlando, Florida. Some of these firms perform website design from scratch, some use a content management system (CMS), some use pre-made templates, and some, sadly, use website builders like Wix. Auxilia has chosen the path of custom WordPress website design to service our client’s needs. 

But the question must be asked, why have a company website? The answer usually falls into one of two categories. First, businesses use websites for legitimizing their business, much like a business card. The second category is when a business chooses to monetize their website. They usually do this through online lead generation via search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns or through an online shopping cart.

So here is why Auxilia implements custom WordPress website design.

First, WordPress provides a versatile platform. Customer requests for website design vary. Some wish to have shopping carts; some legitimizer websites; others need their website to generate leads, and WordPress allows us to implement custom website design to suit each client’s needs. 

Second, WordPress allows full customization. It kind of makes sense that if you are in the business of custom website design then you need to have the ability to fully customize a website. (Duh, right?). But customization goes deep. For our clients that are utilizing our search optimization service, we have to get their keywords into the nitty gritty of their site (permalinks, page titles, file names, alt tags, etc.). Also, we need an easy way to manage this data. Quite simply, WordPress does this really well.

Third, WordPress allows for a fast loading website. In the world of online lead generation, the speed of your website counts. It’s not everything in ranking high on Google or getting a successful click, but it does count for something. Through our awesome web hosting provider, WPEngine, we’re able to have our client’s websites loading fast and furious.

Fourth, WordPress has a wide platform of help. Since most website design projects we undertake are custom WordPress website design projects, we often find ourselves needing to reference some type of help article. This is normal. Geeks love helping other geeks, especially if they hammered out a solution to a difficult coding problem. WordPress allows us to say to our customers, if you can dream it, we can build it!

What else matters in custom websites?

It has been said above, but it bears repeating. Businesses want to look good on the web and monetize. In order to attain this goal of representing the company well and monetizing, a website must display beautifully on a desktop and on mobile devices. Sixty-five percent of users currently access a business’ website from a mobile device, and projections show that this number will swell to 80% by the end of the year. So, your website has to be more than just elegant and streamlined; it has to be functional across all types of devices as well.

Many try to satisfy these demands through the use of a pre-developed template in WordPress, Wix, or another drag and drop vendor. However, many times these produce cheap looking websites that lack elegance and harmony or require annual licensing which gets expensive.

So here’s our sales pitch

Why waste valuable time to create a website that could be spent building your business? Instead, let Auxilia do the work for you! Auxilia makes your company look beautiful on the web by taking the hassle out of increasing your business’ online presence. We help you look beautiful on the web through custom WordPress website design that:

  • Displays beautifully across all devices,
  • demonstrates elegance,
  • has harmony,
  • possess a streamlined flow,
  • And, we can help you monetize your website!

Auxilia’s process during production

Auxilia begins its website building process by getting to know you. The services your business offers, your mission, the message you want to send with your branding, and your target market. Once we understand what drives your company, we develop a detailed outline for your review. Upon approval, our team goes to work making your vision a reality. Before your website heads to development, you have another opportunity to review the wireframes (Photoshop image mockup of your site) and its original written content. The approved wireframes and original written content are then used to create your fully functional, mobile-friendly website. Prior to launching your new website, Auxilia reviews the site with you and makes final edits as needed.

Auxilia’s process after production

Auxilia can continue to help even after the website is launched. We offer technical support to keep your WordPress site running smoothly and seamlessly. Furthermore, we help you grow your audience, and potential client base, with our lead generation through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Campaigns long after your new site goes live.