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We are an Orlando creative design agency that specializes in dependable WordPress websites.

Don’t settle for generic – our professional website building team can create a website that is as unique as your business.

These days, not only is it expected that all businesses have a website, but it’s also expected that the website is accessible from a mobile device. It is estimated that 65% of users currently access a business’ website from a mobile device, and it is projected that this number will swell to 80% by the end of the year. So, your website has to be more than just elegant and streamlined; it has to be functional across all types of devices as well. Why waste valuable time that could be spent building your business to create a website when Auxilia can do the work for you? Auxilia takes the hassle out of increasing your business’ online presence by including a website that displays beautifully across all devices as part of our website design process.

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What goes into building a website with us

Our Website Process:

Auxilia begins its website building process by getting to know you. The services your business offers, your mission, the message you want to send with your branding, and your target market. Once we understand what drives your company, we develop a detailed outline for your review. Upon approval, our team goes to work making your vision a reality. Before your website heads to development, you have another opportunity to review the wireframes and original content. The approved wireframes and original content are then used to create your fully functional, mobile-friendly website. Prior to launching your new website, Auxilia reviews the site with you and makes final edits as needed.

But Auxilia’s role isn’t over after your website is launched. We offer continued technical support to keep your WordPress site running smoothly and seamlessly. Furthermore, we help you grow your audience, and potential client base, with our lead generation services through pay per click campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO) services long after your new site goes live.

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Our Website Building Process

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  1. Where we review the original website (if you have one) and have a planning call with the client to determine exactly what they’re looking for.
    1. We learn what all of your services are.
    2. We look at other websites to get an idea of your vision for your website.
  2. We go over your branding and get an idea of the message of the company and how we can best express it for you.
    1. This includes narrowing down your target market.


  1. Our content planner writes a detailed outline of the entire site.
  2. This is then sent to the content writer and graphic designer.
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03.Visual Design and Content Curation

  1. The graphic designer creates wireframes (image mock-ups) of the website.
  2. The content writer begins writing all of the pages for the site.


  1. The wireframes are then sent to the client to review and approve.
  2. This gives you, the client, the chance to suggest any changes which we then make.
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  1. The approved wireframes and written content are used to create your custom fully functional, mobile friendly website.


  1. The finished site is reviewed by the client and any refinements are made as requested.
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  1. Your site is launched.

08.Support and Maintenance

  1. We continue to help you grow your audience through lead generation via PPC and SEO, as well as providing any support necessary to keep the site running in prime condition.
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